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At Defencewealth we get that you’re busy. Finding the time whilst juggling family, social, workplace and deployment commitments in order to thoroughly research and conduct necessary due diligence on potential new-build and off-the-plan investments in fundamental growth markets is difficult.

It is vital that you surround yourself with a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals and property investors in order to begin your own successful investing journey following our 6-step investing process of A A A B C D:

1. Appreciation – Gain a basic understanding of economic and market fundamentals. Assess your attitude to wealth, personal finances and current holdings. Identify key areas of investor education and/or concern to focus on. Information gathered at this time will help prepare for the next stage.

2. Analysis – In-depth discussion and analysis of your personal financial situation, lifestyle goals and objectives. Discuss ownership structure and asset protection considerations. Develop a personalised wealth plan and strategy and begin the finance pre-approval process.


3. Asset – Review property investment opportunities based on your wealth plan and objectives.

4. Building – Once asset selected – formalisation of finances and commencement of construction.

5. Cashflow – Implement techniques to preserve and improve cash flow – the lifeblood of any portfolio.

6. Defence – Implement mechanisms that assist in protecting your asset base. These include quality property management and appropriate insurances. Continue to grow your portfolio with strategic reviews and equity assessments.




With access to a wide range of brand-new build and off-the-plan investment opportunities around the country, we will provide a genuine and trusted service that is tailored to your specific personal and financial situation regardless of investing experience or level of complexity. From finance, insurance, taxation and accounting, to property management, asset protection and estate planning – we’ll have you covered with our team of handpicked industry professionals and service providers.

Our service and value offering will be second to none as we are totally focused on you in achieving attainable and realistic wealth through property outcomes. Remember, you do not need to be wealthy to invest, but you do need to invest in order to become wealthy.

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