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Because each one of us has differing financial and investment backgrounds, it would be incorrect to apply a one-size-fits-all approach. To that end, Defencewealth together with its strategic partners have combined to offer the following:

FAST-TRACK – A service catering to investors who already have a plan and know their strategy. The main commodity you lack is time and the ability to build a solid and trustworthy team to assist in finance, market research and asset selection.

You also want to be able to bounce ideas off other experienced investors and industry professionals regarding investment strategy and technique. With Fast-Track, your team will assist in the following:

  • Finance processlocation-pin-july-14-breakout
  • Market research and asset recommendation
  • Construction monitoring
  • Source asset management
  • Monthly market insights
  • Strategic wealth/equity and market reviews
  • Ongoing personal contact and/or mentoring
  • Cost: Nil


GUIDED – This offering is by far the most popular. This is for people who are seriously considering beginning their property investment journey but are unsure exactly on where or how to start.

There are numerous merits and complexities involved in building wealth through property, therefore with an appropriate level of guidance and oversight, you soon will become a Fast-Track investor. With Guided, your team will assist in the following:

  • Personalised property investment analysis and report
  • Finance process
  • Market research and asset recommendation                                                                                             150x150xlearn-150x150.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.gDe1RRIPh_
  • Construction monitoring
  • Source asset management
  • Defence and cash-flow strategies
  • Strategic wealth/equity and market reviews
  • Subscription-only property & market reports
  • Depreciation schedule
  • Monthly market insights
  • Ongoing personal contact and mentoring
  • Cost: $495 incl GST


COMPREHENSIVE – This offering caters to individuals and families who may have complex financial arrangements or entities. You may already possess a high net-worth portfolio or have multiple novated leasing, salary sacrifice and family trust structures in place.

You may also be someone who has no assets or investing experience but despite your generous income levels, you struggle to find out where it all goes.

In both cases you’d like a qualified and experienced professional to pull apart your financial affairs then analyse and advise on both a comprehensive and sophisticated way forward. This personalised plan will be documented and greatly beneficial for those who have issues budgeting or have complex financial affairs.

With Comprehensive, your team will assist in the following:Money_calculator

  • Detailed and comprehensive Statement of Advice pertinent to your unique situation and affairs
  • All the benefits of our Guided service
  • Cost: To be discussed


If you would like to explore property investing further or have any questions, please get in touch for a confidential and obligation-free discussion to assess your needs.

You can also receive our regular Short Sharp & Sweet insights by using the form below or emailing us directly at

Important information: This content has been prepared without taking account of the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular individual. It does not constitute formal advice. For this reason, any individual should, before acting, consider the appropriateness of the information, having regard to the individual’s objectives, financial situation and needs and, if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice.

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